Coppola’s Restaurant & Pizzeria Taking Additional Measures to Protect Against COVID-19

Coppola Restaurant & Pizzeria Customers,

In an effort to keep our community, customers, and staff safe, we are taking additional measures to protect against COVID-19. We have been in contact with the local Board of Health to advise us on best practices.

While Coppola’s is always committed to ensuring proper hygiene, from now until further counsel from the Board of Health, we will:

  • Clean our tables and counters more frequently using anti-bacterial soap
  • Seat tables at least 6ft apart in the dining room
  • Place pizzeria dining-in orders on the counter once the customer arrives at the counter
  • Enforce employees behind the counter to wear plastic gloves

As proud members of the New Providence area community, we know that these are trying times but together we can keep each other safe & healthy.


The Coppola Family